Le Comte 12 Months


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The rind is thin, dry and brown in colour. The paste is slighly yellow, supple and smooth. On the palate, the taste is delicate, slighly nutty, milky with a hint of salt.
Since 4 generations, Janier establishment maturate and suggest some farmer and artisanal cheeses from all over the world to his customers. The main word is the nature respect and take care f the cheeses when the product ask for some care. Some of them can stay til 15 months in the differents caves.Made in the Doubs, Ain and Jura region with 95 % of Montbeliarde cow, the comte cheese is the most famous cheese in France. Our Comte are mainly from Marcel Petite and Rivoire et Jaquemin company.
Raw Milk,


Cow Milk

Pressed Cooked

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Le Comte 12 Months
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